Monthly Archives: November 2017

Time to DIIIIIive in the Death Positive Movement!

Oh great, it’s episode 8! Just in time for the American Thanksgiving, Nora talks about the principles of the growing Death Positive Movement and why you WILL want to talk about your inevitable death with your relatives this holiday season. (Because there’s NOTHING scary about your death and dying, right? Like, it’s only going to go away if you don’t talk about it, right? RIGHT? GUYS?!?!?) … But FIRST, the babes deliver horror news stories about movies, sex cults, Mindhunter and why canceling the Universal Monsters remakes was a great idea. Oh geez…

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The Babes Talk About IT

In a new type of episode, Ellie and Nora freely discuss the newest movie adaptation of the Stephen King classic known as “IT.” Oh, and they also talk about everything to do with the Stephen King Media Revival. LET’S GET SPOOKY.

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Russian Cannibals Exist and Everything is Awful


This week, Ellie gets her own episode to talk about the gruesome case of the Baksheev couple in Russia, and Nora suffers for it. Hey, it was Nora’s idea to give Ellie an episode all to herself an no good deed goes unpunished, amirite?

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