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So Here’s The Thing About: Mummies!

You want your mummy? Well, the babes have mummies… of the horror variety. This week, Ellie and Nora talk about the history of Egyptian mummies, the mummy’s “curse,” and the origin of undead mummies in horror.

BUT FIRST! The girls deliver some quick horror movie news (Golden Globes and Sundance, say whaaaaat!) and give their Feature Friday podcast recommendations.

“Here’s The Thing About” is a series of monthly episodes where the babes explore the evolution and adaptations of a trope, element, creature, or characters from the horror genre that are well-know through western society.
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When Urban Legends GO WRONG

Swiggity Swooty, we’re coming for the spooky!

This week, the babes talk about the latest Exorcist project, Guillermo del Toro’s Golden Globe win, and everyone’s favorite Hollywood-Heartthrob Zac Enron as the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.

After the weekly report is over, Ellie goes into the urban legend that inspired the  “Candyman” case, and Nora talks about the Highgate Cemetery Vampire. This episode is an emotional roller coaster, so grab the Prozac (or a drink).
Also, stay tuned after the episode ends for Ellie’s latest ghostly debacle! #DanaAintReal #NoraWroteThatHashtag
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Hannibal The Cannibal & The Prettiest Warthog You’ll Ever Meet

Eat the rude, my dudes! The babes dig into Ellie’s favorite movie villain, Hannibal Lecter. They get into the differences between the books and the movies, the tv series, and the most common changes we see between each adaptation.

Before we chow down, the Nora shares some Netflix movie releases (including news on one movie that she is dying to see), and the babes discuss the controversy behind the soon-to-be released Slender Man movie.

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New Year, New Warrens Episode!

The babes are back from the Holiday Hiatus! This week, the girls discuss the infamous ghost-hunting couple known as the Warrens. It gets a little weird and confusing since… Well, you’ll see.

BUT FIRST! The Nora gives the skinny on the latest horror news, Ellie and Nora talk about their favorite horror and true crime podcasts, and new Netflix horror releases are listed. Happy 2018!

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